Georgia is ready for
your projects with a
service of well known
production companies.

Hello, *|FNAME|* & radioaktive film join forces to make
a new solid ground for production service
possibilities with new & fresh locations. With
head producers department based in Tbilisi now,
we set our office to the same level you used to
have in Ukraine.

This collaboration is aiming to take the talented
film makers in Georgia and infuse these sets
with Ukrainian specialists. The profits made will
go to support our teams back home.

beautiful view with bridge

To give you an idea for upcoming
projects — we’ve gathered wide
range presentations for both
countries we can provide service at

beautiful view with church

Lead production designer Misha Levchenko is also
based in Georgia now and supported by an amazing local
crew. Other top Ukrainian specialists are based in the EU
and easy to fly in on request.

beautiful view Tbilisi

Needless to say, we’re starving to be back to work.
You can surely consider us for further projects, and
we are always up to pull locations deck or even do a
scout for your pitch.

We appreciate the love we have been getting….

Please keep it up and we hope to see you very soon

beautiful view Tbilisi
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